Drug Free Workplace

Why does my company need professional monitoring?

It is estimated that over 10 million drug abusers are employed full and part time. Not having an anti drug program in place could have potential devastating effects on an employer. All it takes is one accident involving an employee that is either high on illegal drugs or drunk.  We understand how hard it is to find a service provider that you can depend on to have all the qualities you are looking for.

Who is currently using at your company?

It is impossible to know without evaluating your company and employees, but SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) indicates that full time employees who admit to being current illicit drug users tend to be:

  • Between ages 18 and 25
  • Male
  • White
  • Less educated
  • Divorced or never married
  • Low paid


Why should I choose Northern Integrated Health?

Because that is our business.  Northern Integrated Health was created in part to help aid employers of all size companies the opportunity to be able to afford and implement a Drug-Free Work Place Program. Why settle for anything less?  Northern Integrated Health offers the following plus much more:

  1. We have a confidential suburban office based recovery setting
  2. We have knowledgeable and experienced professionals who know the state regulations for various types of monitoring for a number of professions.
  3. We are able to work collaboratively with other members of the recovery team
  4. We have individual and group aftercare, specifically tailored for medical and executive professionals
  5. We have monitored recovery with random urine toxicology screens, and have a Medical Review Officer providing oversight.

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